ICA is effective because its members are actively involved. 
Our mission is to enlighten, educate, serve, and support.  


The Awards Committee co-chaired by Laura Bruess and Sarabeth Schurr, honors individuals and/or groups who have made significant contributions in corrections as well as memorials for corrections personnel that have passed away.   Award recipients are announced during the Spring Conference.   More . . .





This committee, co-chaired by Alicia Caes and Cathy McGinnis, handles the organization, certification and distribution of certificates of credits as they are earned at trainings and conferences.

ICA has a Spring and Fall Conference each year.  Each conference is planned by its own committee, headed by a chairperson(s).  The conference has many sub-committees, the largest committees in ICA.   Conference chairs are selected by the ICA President.



This committee, co-chaired by LeAnn DeBord and Whitney Mann, solicits nominations for the annual ICA board election and ensures that the annual election of officers is conducted fairly, efficiently, and with integrity. The committee develops a voting package; ensures that the membership receives the package in a timely fashion, and ensures that the membership has had the opportunity to cast ballots at the annual Spring Conference, where the election results are announced.



The Legislative Committee, chaired by Casey Orwig and Chad Mackie, is responsible for the articulation of the Association's views on issues that relate to the state's legislative process. These issues may urge additions to the Code, amendment of existing law, elimination of undesirable or counter productive statutes, or encourage new concepts or directions for Iowa's criminal justice system. This committee monitors the progress of ICA legislative packages and other criminal justice issues through the legislative session; makes presentation to legislative committees as requested, and works with the Department of Corrections to develop the annual ICA Legislative Event and other correctional policy conferences.